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Hope this would ignite something.
Saturday, March 29, 2014 » 4:17 PM » 0Comment(s)

Assalamua'laikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh !

Wow. It'a been a LONG time since I left this blog with a tiny new year post, and hey look, it's the 29th March. Lots of thing happen during these period.

And I've been experiencing so many sad, happy, emo, fragile moments of course - the things that I can't hide. The things that need to be foretell, the things that one's have to experienced it.

From relationship with the loved one, until the relationship with friends, I had it all.

Fights, cry, argue, mad and lots more

And that day I found this poem

 Basically it tells about a harsh life and that's what we're all facing now right?

And yeah it's been March I told you just now and .... Boya found a new friend, her name is Bowya. She love to sleep and eat a lot, talk less, not much of hyper as Boya, she just ... being a girl; with a guy by her side, heheh.

 And I've been travel and outing(s). Most of it at Terengganu, with buddies and bandmates. It's weird but fun and tiring but, fun. And of course, I have meet a companion, more like a best friend as we're totally looks like sibling much, so yeah it's been a journey and life-shocking experienced that I would love to keep it in my own head diary :)

It's just ... amazing? And I'm so glad that we're still breathe in this world and do what we need to do: ibadah, and just be a good servant to Him.

So yeah. Alhamdulilah. And about the MH370, I'm so sorry to hear it, especially for those who're have the family members on the plane, they still yet haven't to be found and miracle is with us, Aminn.

I guess this will sum up everything :)

ps: I'm facing the final exam, wish me luck

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