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Sunday, April 13, 2014 » 8:16 PM » 0Comment(s)


So. Have you ever thought on why were you born you?

I have. Like now

Sometimes being a female is bad to this world.

And somehow, being myself is quite wrong, too.

So how am I gonna be myself when people around me aroused me with questions on why am I being myself.

................................................. sigh

It's sick. That's why. People are judging - so does parents. Mine are included. Sometimes I have this feeling that I should be dead and not belong to them. I'm a worthless creature. Yeah. That's me

When we cry. No one was there. And all they do is asking why does these bad things happen instead of finding it's own

I'm tired

I'm so tired

I thought on a few things that might sinful but yeah is does. Suicidal can be the one of the way but ... it's sinful in my religion. So what would this tiny me do when I face problems and woes? The answer is, waiting and hoping that it'll be over and not gonna happen again. But sometimes, I mean most of the time, shit gets us and kill us eventually. The Death Angel is following us as there's bad stuff going to happen on us and yeah. We're dead.

And when that moment comes to us, we're alone. I promise to myself. We're gonna be alone. No one gets us. No one hear us. God is like the reason on why we should pray upon Him but He hears us, hardly. Because we're sinners. And He hardly heard the sinners, like myself

I'm tired of crying alone and when some dude noticed it and I'll lie with same lie: I'm sleepy that's why my eyes are red and so does my nose.

I'm a major freak

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