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Happy New Year
Thursday, January 02, 2014 » 11:52 PM » 0Comment(s)

Assalamua'laikum semua
Wow, it's new year already. SO SOON and we didn't realise it much huh? God time fly so damn fast and looks like we have to move fast and get on our own feet and create more memories and gain something good in our life.

Apparently, me, Adilah. Is still the same old bitter short bitchy girl with no attitude. I'm not good at dress up. Not good at giving a polite good speech even though I know how to public-talk. And man! I turned 19 on 10th Dec '13 and looks like I just have a few days because it's new year. Hah serves me right.

So. Lotsa stuff happen. People died every single day. People get killed in front of their friends and families. Girls being raped. Guys being forced to do bitter stuff. Kids being taught to use iPad. Kids stuck in a school wooden chair and bla bla bla bla f-cking bla bla

Sh-t. Don't you see that every day is a different day? It's not the same day that we've been through yesterday or last night. It's DIFFER. So, why not us.

Oh yeah I got stuff to tell you. I have a boyfriend already. And we're attached on October the first '13. And he is a nice guy (hope so) and he taught me stuffs. A great one. Right now I'm sitting in front of my Mom's bakery cafe and stealing wifi and drinking ice melted lemon tea. And. Life is not really good recently. I don't like the stuffs that happening around us.

Killing and terrorizing. And killing and killing and dumping and killing and robbing and killing again. ERGH

Don't forget the government get any worst and worst and demonic and capitalist and even more meaner and heartless and pushing the people or the citizen to be so-called "saving" but then: they're spend more than they ever could. This people, is what we called TYRANNY. Yeah, sucky T. TRASHY TYRANNY

The world is SICKER. Can't you see it? It's just not bout your relationship getting worst or your mascara harden or your skin is not flaw like other girls or your Macbeth is out of date. It's bout the globe people. THE GLOBE. THE SPHERE THAT WE'RE LIVE IN.

I'm not asking you to join some NGOs or get yourself loaded with the guns or weapons or swords. At least give a concern. At least give a sympathy. At least pray for the best. At least show some mercy. At least appreciate what you have and what others don't. At least, just at least, take a look at the sky and ask yourself. Is the world get any better tomorrow?

Sorry for being emotional. Well actually hoes, I should be. WE ALL SHOULD BE. CARE. GIVE. SUPPORT. PRAY. CONCERN. DO THE RIGHT THINGS.

I'm hoping that this year, this 2014 would have a better year than last year. At least getting better if it could not be the best.


So um yeah

I guess that's it

I'm off. Hope you guys have a great day and year and spend wisely and f-ck those hoes that hate you and may those chicken realise that you're a golden duck instead of grumpy toad (okay I'm start to write down crazy stuff so yeah bye)

That's it, thanks for reading and please pray for the world. HE LISTEN TO YOU

Assalamua'laikum :)

ps: I watched Peter Pan movies over and over and I cried and my boyfie said I'm nuts. That's okay. I AM nuts. Wehehe

here some pictures if you want to take a look. I'm sorry for this entry. It's kinda wordy much huh? Hee sorry

 stolen from Twitter. Hee


me and dudes

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