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My definition of "polysyllabic".
Monday, March 05, 2012 » 3:11 PM » 1Comment(s)

Assalamua'laikum. I'm kinda free today, so I want to post somethin. Sometin that disturbs. Kidding.
Some anon asks me why do I entitled POLYSYLLABIC for my blog. Honestly, I want to track you down and call you a hoe really badly, but nah~ I don't have to. I think you should check on Oxford dictionary before asking me that retard question.
Okay, dimwit. Polysyllabic means lot of words. To me, I post lot of words to define or elaborate some issues that keep popping in my mind. National issues, politics, some stupid community and stuffs. 
And till now, this second, this moment I don't get it why the heck  does people posts some their "lovely" girl/boy friend and gee, guess how much comments that they get? TONS! Seriously? Dafuq? You gotta be damn kiddin me b!+che$. 
Okay, it is disturbing. I'm swearing but yeah, I can't write down here. In my opinion, human needs change. I know, I'm not an angel, but b!+ch please, get yourself a life. Having some kind of relationship with some chicks or hunks don't make you like a perfect person.
I know, I'm not a cute girl not every boy desire for. I'm me. A metal-head that kick a$$. Kinda regret for quitting taekwondo, but I think I want to finish the session till I got a black belt. I received lots a tweet from belieber and force me to become one of them.
A retard belieber :O
Aw, mind block. Mind fcuk actually. I don't know what to type. I gotta get out of here. Bye. Assalauma'laikum. Bye. Adios. :)

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