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Friday, March 02, 2012 » 1:11 AM » 2Comment(s)

Assalamualikum. I'm listen to The Fray right now. Their latest song from their latest album. It's called Heartbeat. I listen to this everyday. Nonstop. And I don't have any eargasm because of Isaac's voice. And yeah. That's for the first paragraph.
Politics. That's the word that we heard everyday. Every moment. Every second (I don't know if you're 1Directioners D:) And we're in this position to choose. Choosing between God and Satan. Yeah. It's quite mainstream, but it's real. Face the fact. We're slaves. In this life and hereafter. Actually, this circumstance happened long time ago. Ever since Adam and Eve were born. Satan hates it. He want to show that human are weak but he's not. He's just disappoint that God rather choose Adam not him. Everyone knew that. Muslims, Jews or Christians know it.
Choose wisely
That's why he wants to watch us, the human to suffer in this life and hereafter. Simple. He choose persons like him. Hard-head, full of lust, anger, arrogant, greedy and more to be his ally. This bastard succeeded to convinced men that we're monkey and become like this through the process called revolution which is make no sense at all. Satan teaches him that. I know some of you wouldn't agree with me. I got it. The world is filled with haters. That's life. It is not always on your side.

The hell?
But we're in this politic situation. Which one do you choose? God or Satan? That's the big question. Some artists,lawyers, politicians, people, performer rather choose Satan and wants their follower or fans to be with them. They spread this campaign through songs, dance move and TV shows or movies. I can see that.
God is not fighting with Satan. Why does He fights with Satan? It's completely pointless! He can strike Satan without looking at it.O.o|||
Remember, He look at us every time. Even for now. God's every where. He never leave us, we're the one who do that to him. But still, he shows His grace to us and we're not thank Him for that. Who's heartless now huh? Us or Him? We're the one who's becoming like the bastard Satan. We just didn't realizing it.

I know this entry is quite annoying but I do wanna write all this shiz down. It's for self-reminder and I want you to know bout this. I'm afraid if more people choose Satan rather than God Himself. We have our right as the voters. Do not let anybody manipulate the way you think and act. Just be yourself and on the God's side. Even though it's hard to do it. We have brain and choices. It's in our hand.

So, until then. Bye, choose wisely. Do your best to fight over Satan. Assalamualaikum.

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