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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 » 3:45 AM » 0Comment(s)

Assalamualaikum, hello, konichiwa... I know, I know, my blog is kinda dusty. That's why I'm here. Duh~  -_-'
So, Scars & Stories by The Fray is already available in Malaysia, my country and probably worldwide peeps. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I'm super exited and I really want one. I already download their latest single music video, "Heartbeat", and my first impression was like : "OMG!!! WHAT A COOL AND MEANINGFUL SONG!!!", which is true. I'm trying not too exited bout this but I couldn't help myself. And I'm mentally dating with Isaac's voice. *troll face*
But yeah, I really want one. Badly. So badly. My sister kinda dull the whole week cause she's not going to Avenged Sevenfold concert on this April the 29th cause she's not enough money to go there. The tickets price are damn expensive. First, they announced the tickets sold at RM258, RM 158 and RM88.
 And suddenly they rise up the price to RM298, RM198 and RM98. The venue also changed. First, they told us they are coming to perform at Stadium Negara, then they changed it to Sunway, and I don't know much bout it cause it's kinda complicated. More info, click this.
Low E and the broken tuner~ T^T
My guitar, Bruce is sick. I accidentally broke his lower E string while tuning him and my little sister accidentally dropped him and his tuner were broken. I don't talk much in that day. Disappointing, frustrated, anger, though full and many more. I want whip her but it's not her fault. Besides, she's only two.
And on the way back from my Granda's place, My elder sister Atikah, asks me for my phone to calm my youngest sister (the one who dropped Bruce down), so I gave my phone to her. She play with my phone and Atikah didn't realize that she threw my phone out of the window.
I know, you guys probably thinks I will kill her right? Read the next paragraph please. +_+
And yes, my phone break apart. The battery was pulled apart, the screen was cracked and the buttons don't work anymore. How do I know these stuff? Cause a man spotted a shiny thing on the ground, so he stops his car and "My goodness, a pink phone of a girl." So he decided to bring it back home, asks his child to charge up my phone and he called my mom.
My mom called and ask me where phone is. And I said it is in the car. She said no and she told me to be grateful cause a man found my phone. I really want to blow at that time. But mom said that the damn jinx phone still in good condition. My sister felt so bad and she asks me what she need to do to redeem herself. And I said get me a Scars & Stories album and she said fair enough, she gonna get me one.
So, I better pray to Allah/God to fulfill my dream to have a Scars & Stories. Or maybe two, I don't give a screw. Two is better than one right? :}
So, Scars & Stories, people.
Thanks for reading, comment, or rate or umm... I don't know. Bye then. Got to go. Seriously  I'm going. You'll gonna miss me right? Right? You do? Aww, sweet talker. I'm off, for real. Bye again. Don't miss me cause I don't care even a piss. Bye. Bye. Bye. I'm leaving.

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