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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 » 5:09 AM » 0Comment(s)

While listening to The Fray-How To Save A Life..i'm keep thinking of FOODS! It's like saving your life with food! LOL! Yes,I'm hungry..So lemme introduced to y'all bout my country's food or Malaysian foods.
Actually,there's many factors why tourists love come to Malaysia.One of the reason is the food due to the variety and uniqueness.
Satay,is a type of food where the chopped chicken or meat that were marinated and pricked on a stick.And just roast it until cooked.
Chicken Satay
Have you heard of Nasi Lemak?Even you go to Google Translate,the phrase is still the same..right?Okay..
Nasi is rice and Lemak is actually fat.Why fat?It's because of it contains coconut milk and that ingredient fire this food up.The rice cooked with coconut milk or santan and fennel seeds,mace and other herbs.This food require a spicy gravy or sambal.
First,saute the onion paste with red chili paste, flavour it with salt,make sure that it's relly cooked.Otherwise,the taste is so damn hot.Leave em and fry some anchovies.Mix up both anchovies and the sambal.If you hate anchovies,you can change it into shrimp.Boiled eggs,roasted peanuts,chopped cucumber also can be added. Some people love to fried sausages or fried eggs.Yet,there's tonnes of different Nasi Lemak available only in Malaysia :)
Mainly covered by banana leaves to preserve the flavour.
Eat with curry lamb meat plus the gravy
With fried chicken 
Mee banjir Udang aka shrimp flood noodles.Wow.Sound very delicious huh? I'm so damn hungry now.I don't really know how to cook it.But i know a very popular place to get this dish of food.It's in Kuala Sepetang,Taiping,Perak=up to north.The whole country knew bout it :) Wanna know somethin?A bowl filled with bout 30-45 of shrimps.All are fresh.How do i know it?Coz they live near the sea.Enjoy!
Those sweet,juicy shrimps 
The genuine place to eat
Okay..i'm tired and hope you guys enjoy it!

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