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...When the world is 1 degree higher...
Saturday, April 23, 2011 » 3:41 AM » 0Comment(s)

Just face the fact.The earth is sick and dying.The society are not beware of this situation and they keep with denial.They scared to know the truth.If the citizens not taking care of mother nature and pollute it with distinct way,I'm sure the next generation will in grave suffer because of our ignorance and irresponsibility.
It's simple,when there's heat,the ice will melt.The rising of sea level and flood are due to global warming. Ironically,mankind is the one who generate this phenomenon.Vehicles,green house effects,industries and many factors are the cause to this problem.But still,there's a solution to problems.
Green technologies are the most suitable to this situation.With hybrid vehicles,the carbon monoxide and other bad gases not transmitted to air and this will reduce the pollution and make the earth as a better place for you and for me(i think it's lil bit like MJs' song...O_O)
Deforestation,trust me.It's happen nearly every country and the politicians are not care 'bout it even a bit cause they got plenty of money with selling those precious trees.Trees,acts as a barrier between harmful gases and mankind.Trees absorbs carbon dioxide and release oxygen to humans and animals. Basically,it's a cycle,a good cycle to maintaining the earth and all living things.
Yet,humans got choices to choose to live in a hazardous environment or to live in a sweet and fresh planet.You decide :)
Lastly,just think what you've done in order to ruin our lovely mother nature..
I love my planet:Adilah


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