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If I'm a deaf.
Friday, May 11, 2012 » 4:37 AM » 0Comment(s)

So, I received kinda good comments on my new blog appearance. Hehehehehe.. I'm proud of my efforts though.. 4 days!! My eyes were swollen every time I saw those codes..
Today, I want to share with you guys (honestly, I don't know if there's people read my blog) about deaf people. Recently, my sis and I having a blast watching Switched At Birth series.

It's a great show. It teaches how important a relationship is, how to create bond between others and so much more. Again, it's a GREAT and AMAZING show. Now, at this moment, I'm learning sigh language by YouTube because taking course and class are expensive. So, I'm keep up with the web to learn it.
Even though I don't know how is like to be a deaf, but I can tell that it's rough. Can you imagine. They survive in this bloody world without hear a thing. They can't hear. They can't listen to damn music, laughter, music, tears, raindrops, thunder and more. They live in a silent world. The world that none of us wanted. We talk with mouth while they talk with hand. We look into their eyes while they look upon our lips. Man, I thank God to be born like this. If I was born dead, I'm probably eating sh!t right now. I'll probably can't go far. It's because I'm a not a strong person. I'll probably wiping all the time thinking how bad is my life.
Okay. Below are the images of the actors that play in the series. Both of them are deaf in the reality but still  achieve big success in their life. Without hearing ability. So, if you're born with ear and still sitting on your mom's couch and complaining bout some stupid nails or something, I think it's better for you to dead.
Sean Berdy as Emmet Bledsoe
The lovely Katie Leclrec as Dapne Vasquez

Lastly, humans born with brain. It looks silly if one laugh at other disability and making fun with it. Live your life and wish me luck in this ASL thing. I guess that's it for now. My clock turns 4:35 am and I'm off to bed. Assalamua'laikum. Pray to God!! He hears you ATT!!

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