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Trip To Batu Feringgi, Penang *_*
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 » 5:23 PM » 1Comment(s)

Assalamualaikum, I know it's kinda late to post this entry but I can't help myself! I must post it! :>
It's all starts when Mom asks my sister and I whether we wanna go for a trip to Penang. At first, both of us says a big no to her but after she told us it's gonna be great as the trip was sponsored by her company employer and it's just for the company employee's family.
We departure at 7.30 in the morning and arrived there at probably 12 noon. Atikah(my elder sis) just sleep on the way to Penang, she just don't care bout the journey even a piss because she slept 4 am in the morning.
At the highway, I can't sleep, so I just snappin pics.
Paddy field besides of the highway.
Penang Bridge. Holy pepperoni, long as screw. 
Soon as we get there, we having breakfast. Mom already cook fried vermicelli and sandwiches while the other family brings food for lunch. But apparently two family didn't show up and one of 'em that responsible to bring foods for lunch also didn't came. So, we're just have side dishes and no rice to eat, such unfortunate.
My mom(wearing white jacket) with her gang.
Atikah snapping pics. I'm standing on a large rock.
Pretty views everywhere. 
Aishah, at animal park.
Atirah at Padang Kota having dinner.
At the park.
Random kid, I don't know what he's doing.

One of the monkey in the animal park, they love to steal foods .
But luckily that we found a Mamak (Indian Muslim) Stall and decided to bought cooked rice to eat with.
After loads of photoing and walking along the shore with Atikah, Mom asks us (again) to take Aminah (youngest sis) to play with us. It's good that we're already snapping photos, so we have time for that. Then, we're doing Zohor prayer and after that my sister and I were continuing isolating ourselves from others and we were talking bout stuffs and most of it bout music and she keep on told me bout her favorite band, Avenged Sevenfold. Which is kinda irritating, because she keeps telling me over and over bout em.
Never mind, that's her lust. I mean obsession. :P At night, we decided to go Padang Kota for dinner, just as we reached there, we were surrounded by waiters who knew that we're tourists and they were compete against each other to gain customer. It's not a fraud, it's real. There's two of 'em were fighting after we were ordered the foods. One of 'em grabbed a chair and nearly hit that Mamak. They were fighting over a pasembor. Which is very delicious.
Soon after that, we were off to Butterworth for a feast. It's cool, super duper cool. I will never forget that crazy night. There was a concert by Lefthanded, Malaysian evergreen rock band. My sister and me were doing crazy during the concert. It's the greatest night that I ever had. But my allergic terrorize my face as I'm eating Penang Char Kuew Tiow and boiled groundnuts. My face turns red. It's like I'm wearing too much blusher. *face palm* I should control myself. T^T
I know why some of you questioning why my picture don't available here. Well, as a person who adore to snapping, I don't have time to taking my own picture. There's quote that says photographer don't take their own picture. But I'm not qualify to be called a photographer. But I'm sure love to photoing. 
This trip was amazing even though it's exhausting. I guess that's it for now.

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