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Sunday, March 27, 2011 » 8:34 PM » 0Comment(s)

Tired,tired and tired.That's the word came from my mouth yesterday.It's cross country!I think it's about 8km long.Yeah,tired or what.But i've got such a great times with my friends and teachers.It was raining but we've got to run,the road were wet and soaky but i've managed it well .Honestly,i write this blog cause i'm bored and got nothing to do.So,have you heard of Rebecca Black?Yeah,the one who sing the "Friday''song.When i start to view the video,within a few seconds,there's a lot of comments rushing.It's almost about 60-90 comments per seconds.Whoa!I've read all the comments and none of them were positive.But seriously,the song is way to much loaded with autotuned sound and it's kind of bad..I'm not trying to be a hate-troll,but that's the fact i guess.She just like make a parody of Justin Bieber's "Baby" song.Just go to Youtube and search for the Friday song and make your opinion about it.

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